Case #1

Client:  Skilled Nursing Centers

Locations:  25 throughout 3 states

Employees:  3,000+

The Challenge

  • Broker was seeking a replacement for the voluntary benefits currently offered.
  • Provide benefits that align with the client’s philosophy of caring for the employees as they care for their residents.
  • Communicate and enroll 2,000 eligible employees in all benefits using the broker’s platform in three weeks.

The Solution

  • Worked with Colonial to ensure products and rates were equal or better in aggregate.
  • Each employee was enrolled in The College Tuition benefit.
  • Assisted broker in promoting and communicating the enrollment and new products.
  • Our team of benefit counselors visited each location, educated and enrolled all employees in medical, dental, vision and ancillary benefits.

The Result

  • More than 90% of the employees were enrolled allowing the HR Managers to focus on other projects.
  • Ancillary enrollment participation increased by 67%.
  • The client was very pleased by the process and their overall objective was met.